nadal bumps rosol

nadal bumps rosol

Frustrated Rafael Nadal bumps into opponent on

Nadal was down a break in the third set and was apparently frustrated with Rosol''s preserve movements and noises. The Czech danced around on the

Rosol surprised by Nadal shoulder bump, Sports News

A clearly rattled Nadal, who had played in the last five grand slam finals, slumped to his worst defeat at a major in seven years when Rosol, the world No.100, clinched an historic 67 (911) 64

Lukas Rosol Didn’t Beat Rafael Nadal, But He Did Knock

Rosol did not even flinch or look at Nadal which would have been a natural reaction when someone bumps into you. No parts of their bodies touched. This bump incident is no more than a myth.

Rafael Nadal shocked at Wimbledon by world No. 100

World No. 100 Lukas Rosol stunned twotime Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal 67 (9), 64, 64, 26, 64 in one of the biggest upsets in the 135year history of the tournament.

Rafael Nadal falls to shock Wimbledon defeat by Lukas Rosol

June 2012. From the section. Twotime Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal was handed a shock secondround defeat by world number 100 Lukas Rosol in

According To Andy Murray, Everyone Hates Lukas Rosol

Lukas Rosol, the man famous for stunning Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2012, is also one of the most hated men on the tour, that according to Andy Murray. The top seed in Munich offered up some

Shoulder bumps and catfights: The unimportantly

The REAL shoulder bump of the year: Lukas Rosol did the unthinkable by defeating Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon second round this year, but how

Wimbledon Rafael Nadal''s loss hard to fathom

Rosol, who is ranked No. 100 among ATP World Tour players, is the lowestranked player to ever beat Nadal in a Grand Slam. "It''s majestic," BBC commentator John Lloyd said at one point in the

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