shrek x donkey

shrek x donkey

Shrek and Donkey, a shrek fanfic, FanFiction

Donkey was tired from walking so he went in Shrek''s bed. Shrek follows behind him, he is also tired. They got in the same bed. Shrek takes off his clothes (not underwear) and lies down.

Shrek X Donkey (Donkey''s Death), a 16 life fanfic, FanFiction

Shrek and Donkey were sitting at Shrek''s house, they were both grieving over the loss of their see, Shrek and Donkey got in a car accident with their family, ever except Shrek and Donkey died, but, Donkey came out with severe autism, and is going to die in a few hours and Shrek had a burning passion for Donkey, and he wanted to make love to him before he passed away...Shrek turned to Donkey, looked at him, then finally, he got up, ripped his clothes off, and started walking towards Donkey, as his large naked green body was going toward Donkey, Donkey

Shrek x donkey slow burn.docx Shrek x donkey slow burn

Shrek x donkey slow burn (takes place after the events of Shrek Forever After) The cool night air settled upon the swamp, the reeds rustling in the faint breeze, with a sense of peace settled in the marshland. Shrek had gone back to his life with Fiona and his children, and Donkey had his own family too. They continued to be great friends.

Things Only Adults Notice In Shrek Looper

Donkey turns his head, completely perplexed by Shrek''s joke, before the ogre gives up and walks away. There are tons of jokes about Farquaad''s stature in the first Shrek

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