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wonho predebut

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Browse predebut fanfics and stories. Stories Blogs Videos. Predebut (52 predebut stories Tags angst friendship minhyuk hyunwoo mpreg kihyun shinwonho wonho predebut nomercy omegaverse joohyuk shownu hyungwon jooheon monstax hyungwonho imchangkyun yookihyun showki minhyukmonstax sonhyunwoo leejooheon chaehyungwon

Wonho''s Muscles: How to Get His Arms and Abs OH K!

Wonho is gearing up to drop his debut album Part.1 Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me on September 4, 2020, and we are all excited. A Wonho album means we get more opportunity to hear his sultry and enchanting voice. But it also means we get more opportunity to see Wonho’s muscles (A.K.A Wonho’s abs and arms).

MONSTA X Hyungwon (Profile, Facts, Debut, Dating

Chae Hyungwon was born on January 15th, 1994, in Gwangju, South Korea. He is better known by his stage name Hyungwon. He is the lead dancer, vocalist, and visual of the South Korean hiphop boy band, Monsta X. Hyungwon had achieved some level of fame as a model before joining Monsta X. As a kid, he worked at his parent’s travel agency.

[Appreciation] wonho Celebrity Photos OneHallyu

with all the recent up10tion placed on him after the discovery of his very colourfully located tattoo i have decided to take the opportunity to show the world what le ho is Really like (as an idol how we see him on camera) also this isnt for april fools i just wanted to make a thread b4 the tatto...

Netizens dig up MONSTA X Wonho''s past and claim he

MONSTA X‘s Wonho has recently come under fire after netizens revealed his scandalous past as ulzzang Shin Ho Seok. Netizens uncovered photos of the Starship Entertainment artist from his time on the show Ulzzang Shidae. The photos featured Wonho clubbing, drinking, and smoking while he was still just a young teenager, fueling criticism against the group and the agency.

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This is the story about aboy named Im Chang Kyun. The youngest rapper and member of the Korean Boy Group, Monsta X. The story of how he, an unwanted and unloved Omega became the most lovable, adored and cherished member in Monsta X. Warning: A/B/O, MPreg, BoyxBoy, Angst, , Miscarriage Cast: Im Chang Kyun Son Hyun Woo(Shownu) Shin(Lee) Ho Seok(Won Ho) Lee Min

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