sas 4 shredder augments

sas 4 shredder augments

Augments, SAS Zombie Assault Wiki, Fandom

Augmentation is a new feature introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Augments are upgrades for guns and armor, and are bought to make said weapons and armors stronger and more useful. Sometimes, the weapon/armor comes with an already applied augment. When you retrieve an armor or weapon from a Strongbox, it comes with 0 to 2/3 augment slots (depending on

Crafting, SAS Zombie Assault Wiki, Fandom

Crafting is a feature introduced in the 10/5/15 update of SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It uses alloy, the newlyintroduced currency in the update. Crafting is performed via the Collections menu, and guarantees a 10*** weapon or 10** armor with no preaugments. You need to be at least at the level of the specified weapon/armor''s average drop level to be able to craft it, with the exception

Top 10 WORST gun in S.A.S 4 discussion on Kongregate

.Shredder. 7.Gebirgskanone. 8.Stripper. 9.CM 530 BabyCOM. 10.CM 800 Jupiter. P.S You can also add [Red] or [Black] weapons. Meaning that u have to insert the 10 worst guns you’ve used. for example 1. [Red] and normal RIA 50 2.Ronson 50 3.Ronson 55 4.Ronson WP Flamethrower 5.

Mixmaster, SAS Zombie Assault Wiki, Fandom

The Mixmaster is Rancor''s take at an Energy assault rifle. It is quite highleveled, and the most unique feature is that each round fired contains two flechettes. The Mixmaster is an energy assault rifle with the unique ability to shoot two flechettes per trigger pull. Unlike shotgun rounds, these stick close together and travel in a straight line forward wherever you point them.

1887 Shockfield, SAS Zombie Assault Wiki, Fandom

The 1887 Shockfield, also called "Shocky" by some, is an Energy shotgun introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. It is modeled after a Winchester 1873 rifle, despite the description and name, and fires 10 highenergy pellets that deals massive damage Whilethe Shockfield is very powerful, it is alsoextremely hard to find naturally in a strongbox, as well as being rather

Medic class, SAS Zombie Assault Wiki, Fandom

The Medic class is the healer class available inSAS: Zombie Assault 4. The Medic has 1,800 starting health and has the ability to drop medkits for fellow SAS soldiers including himself, which heal a certain amount of health when used. It''s best to keep the Medic alive and protected in multiplayer due to his special abilities to quickly revive other allies and drop medkits as well as a

Hard Thorn, SAS Zombie Assault Wiki, Fandom

The Hard Thorn is a fully automatic assault rifle, though it acts more like an automatic shotgun, and in fact is very similar to the Shotlite Tempest. Each shot of the Hard Thorn sends out a spread of 5 flechettes that deal 102 damage each, for a total of 510 damage per ammunition. Paired with its fire rate of 6 rounds per second (8 rps on mobile), quick 2second reload, and low 15%

Disc Thrower SAS Zombie Assault 4 攻略wiki Gamerch

概要. 2014/12/10のアップデートで追加されたカテゴリー。. かなり特異な兵装であり、Shredder(と 課金武器 の Rikochet )のみである。. Disc Throwerとはその名の通り、円盤投げ、つまり高速回転した刃の付いた円盤を射出する武器である。. Laser と共に Masteries での

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