h3o2 water for sale

h3o2 water for sale

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Structured water delivers more oxygen and nutrients while transporting out metabolic waste & toxins . allowing the body to operate at a higher state of health. Facilitates increased Health & Wellbeing. Boosts your Immune System. Bioavailability and fuller hydration of all cells. Balanced body pH. AntiAging / Healthy Skin & Hair.

LifeFX Living Water, Pure Water, H3O2, Structured Water

LifeFX Living Water Droplets are a groundbreaking formula of ionic, crystalline minerals and transformative energetic frequencies that purify and enhance any drinking water including filtered, spring, alkaline, tap or rain water. Clean, pure water is just the start. Live well with H3O2, structured, living water.

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The Water of Life H3O2 the Healing Power of ''Structured . Stillnessinthestorm DA: 23 PA: 49 MOZ Rank: 85. Julian and I have been researching water for several years, covering structured water, distilled waters, Juicing and even Urine Therapy; All of these sources of water have one unifying property; the so called fourth phase of water; While it may seem hard to understand, this water is

H3O2 (EZ water) The fourth phase of water

The Water of Life, H 3 O 2 the Healing Power of ‘Structured Water’. While it may seem hard to understand, this water is simply H 3 O 2, a state of water which can be called structured, and is extremely pure and accessible to the body.The reason why is because the water is not in a free state, it is structured, in a hexagonal lattice with the surrounding water.

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H3O2 The Earth is 75%(surface area) water and Humans are 75%(by mass) water also. But if you count the molecules that make up a human being then we are about 99% water. But it turns out this is not just normal H2O water, but the water molecules have arranged themselves into structures.

Alkaline Water, Structured Water & EZ Water — Dr. Gerald

Do you know the best water to drink, to feed your LIVING cells It''s EZ water, short for Exclusion Zone water. Dr. Gerald Pollack is the world''s leading expert on water. He''s founding editorinchief of the scientific journal Water.. In his book The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor he points out how structured water in living beings is a crystalline H 3 O 2 (not H 2 O).

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A structure of water molecules would be too big to fit through. There is a fourth phase of water, not H2O but H3O2, and can be called living water. It’s more viscous, dense, and alkaline than regular water; has a negative charge, and can hold energy, much like a battery, and deliver energy too. H3O2 is water with an extra hydroxyl molecule.

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