elwynn taylor climate change

elwynn taylor climate change

Climate Changes and Impacts on Midwest Crop Production

CLIMATE CHANGES AND IMPACTS ON MIDWEST CROP PRODUCTION S. Elwynn Taylor Extension Climatologist, Iowa State University Climate change has become a topic of worldwide concern. There are few locations where the general population has a greater vested interest in climate change than the Midwest. The economy of most Midwest communities is pr1marily

OUTLOOK IN FOCUS: Climate change and agriculture,

OUTLOOK IN FOCUS: Climate change and agriculture Based on longterm historical trends, Iowa State University climatologist Elwynn Taylor predicts the next several years will see great variability. Andy Vance 1, Nov 15, 2013 IF there is one factor that every farmer talks about and has absolutely no control over, it is the weather.

Column: David Kruse: Weather tragedy and climate

Elwynn Taylor believes that 2025 is the target year. This epic drought will cover a period of years rather than be limited to a single year. It is not like the drought of 1988 or 2012 that quickly...

Iowa State meteorologist: Climate change small factor in

Taylor told the group that weather patterns tend to run in cycles as long as two decades, and that Iowa has emerged from a period of relatively mild, stable weather to a pattern of colder winters and perhaps hotter, drier summers similar to what happened in the 1950s and again in the 1970s.

Iowa Climate: A Century of Change Iowa State University

Iowa climate: A century of change Elwynn Taylor, Professor, Agronomy, Iowa State University The first 9 years of the "2000s" have delivered dry streams that had not been dry in 100 years and floods that set new record high crests. The average number of stormy days consistently climbed.

Climate, Past Future Farm Management

Crop Weather & Climate Cycles Outlook for 2013 & Beyond Elwynn Taylor Iowa State University Extension Climatologist Climate, Past & Future “The climate is changing, climate has always changed & will always change. The question is; ‘how much, how fast, how come’ ” D. M. Gates ‘66 Iowa State University Extension

Dust Bowl coming in 2025 Climatologist sees trends with

While the heat hurts parts in the southeast, that rise in temperature could shift into the Midwest within the next five years, says Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University climatologist emeritus. Taylor looks at past trends, verifying and extending his knowledge with tree rings, to predict repeated patterns in climate.

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