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CaroKann Defense Chess Pathways

The CaroKann Defense is a King’s Pawn Opening beginning with 1. e4 c6 This move is a little hard to understand right away. At first glance it doesn’t seem like the CaroKann Defense is aligned with the opening principles of chess – Black doesn’t open any significant lines of development for the pieces.

How To Play The CaroKann Defense: Solid Chess Opening

2 天前The CaroKann is named after the European masters Horatio Caro and Marcus Kann. Of the two, Caro had the slightly more distinguished playing career, having participated in a number of strong tournaments around the year 1900.

10 Reasons to Play CaroKann Defense at

The CaroKann is one of the openings that has become more and more popular in recent years, as many strong Grandmasters have decided to include it in their repertoires. For a long time, this has been considered an unambitious and boring opening, suitable for those players whose only goal was to equalize with the black pieces.

Why You Need the CaroKann ChessGoals

The CaroKann scores better than every other defense against 1.e4 at this skill level. The problem with the CaroKann, I believe, is mostly marketing. The Sicilian defense captured the world’s heart with dynamic, sacrificial play. Some of the world’s greatest players have championed this defense.


CaroKann Exchange Variation 1; CaroKann Exchange Variation 1 cont. (2. Nf3) CaroKann Exchange Variation 1 cont. (4. Nf3 Nc6 5. Bd3) CaroKann Exchange Variation 1 cont. (4.

Play the CaroKann (豆瓣)

The CaroKann is a reliable and highly respected answer to White''s most popular opening move, 1 e4. It has the seal of approval from numerous leading Grandmasters: Vishy Anand, Evgeny Bareev and Alexey Dreev, as well as former World Champion Anatoly Karpov, who has utilized it with great success throughout his illustrious career.


Die CaroKannVerteidigung wurde benannt nach dem Englndischen Schachspieler Horatio Caro und dem sterreichischen Schachspieler Marcus Kann, die beide Ende des 19.ten Jahrhunderts diese Erffnung analysierten und auch erfolgreich im Turnierspiel anwandten. Charakterisiert ist sie durch die Züge 1. e4 c6, wodurch folgende Stellung entsteht:

Défense CaroKann — Wikipédia

La défense CaroKann est une ouverture aux échecs qui se caractérise par les coups 1. e4 c6. Elle fait partie des débuts semiouverts, où les Noirs répondent à 1. e4 autre chose que 1 e5. Elle est utilisée par les joueurs qui recherchent d''abord la sécurité, comme le conseillait le champion du monde Tigran Petrossian pour les Noirs.

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