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alpha jungkook

alpha (jikook) jjk Wattpad

[COMPLETED] alpha jimin +omega jungkook alpha Namjoon + omega Jin alpha taehyung+omega hoseok alpha yoongi (will include other bands some of the members might be ''villians''/ ''the bad guy'' please don''t hate it''s just a fan fiction I love all the bands and don''t think any of them would do anything bad) jimin is an alphahe is royalty he is at the top of everyone he has 5 close friends

[BTS Jungkook FF] Your Alpha, My Luna (21+) 6 Wattpad

The most powerful alpha of the ninekingdom Imperial Wolfland, Jeon Jungkook, searches for his luna. He finds out that the Moon Goddess destinies him to a human; however, with the human''s past, she fears her destiny. His mate, however, keeps a dark...

My Omega (TaeKook) Possessive Alpha Wattpad

Taehyung was currently sitting on Jungkook''s lap, his legs sprawled beside Jungkook''s side. His hand made their way around Jungkook''s biceps and Taehyung''s head was resting on Jungkook''s chest, hearing the soft and calm beat of the alpha''s heart. He inhales Jungkook''s alluring scent and smiled at how close they were.

My Mate//Jungkook FF Alpha Wattpad

Jungkook POV I can''t believe I just shone my alpha eyes at my mate! In our world that''s like the equivalent of hitting her. I completely block out my wolf side in anger and phone the boys to help me find her. I tried to contact her through mind link but she shut me out understandably and isn''t answering her phone. I just hope she Is ok.

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