infrared opticom emitter

infrared opticom emitter

Opticom Infrared System DDL Traffic

The OpticomModel 792 Emitter is acompact, lightweight, weatherresistantencoded signal device intended for use onpriority and probe frequency vehicles.The Opticom model 792 consists of a flashtube/reflector and housing assembly with anintegral power supply and the requiredcables. The Opticom model 792 converts12VDC vehicle batterypower to the highvoltage required for operation of

Opticom Infrared System Model 794R LED Emitter

for installing Opticom Infrared System Model 794R LED Emitters*. It is intended for use by installers, maintenance personnel, and others who are responsible for

794 LED Emitter Signal Control

The Opticom 794 LED Emitter is a compact, lightweight, weatherresistant encoded signal device intended for use on priority vehicles. The Opticom 794 emitter consists of an LED array with an integral power supply and the required cables. Accessory switch devices are also available. The operation of the device may be customized through its interface software or remote coding unit.The

Opticom l Infrared System Federal Signal Corporation

Federal Signal offers three versions of GTT Opticom traffic preemtion emitters, the 794 and 795 infrared LED emitters and the 792 strobe emitter. Model 795 The Opticom Model 795H LowProfile LED Emitter is a compact, lightweight, encoded signal device intended for use with emergency vehicle lightbars.

Infrared Opticom emitters Firehouse Forums

The receivers are only looking at the infrared spectrum. The infrared filters on the apparatus emitters simply reduce the range. The ones with no filter have the visible strobe light but a longer...

Opticom Emitters and Vehicle Equipment Product Details

Opticom Priority Control as a Service (PCaaS) Connected Vehicle Platform. Transit Radio Solutions. Transit IR Solutions. Central Management Software. Canoga Traffic Sensing. Traffic Reporting. Signal Control. Driver Warning Systems.


A TOMAR STROBECOM II T792HL, T792HLLOPRO, T792HLMOTO & T792HLR emitter is designed to work with TOMAR’s OSPOCV2 or OSPOC8V2 OSP Cards and DETOC series detectors, or a competitors system such as the *GTT Opticom Discriminator Cards and Detectors

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