jerry garcia mutron

jerry garcia mutron

One Of Jerry Garcia''s MuTron III Pedals Up For Auction

Late Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia was a big fan of Musictronics Corporation’s MuTron III envelope filter. He used the pedal for watery autowah effect on such songs as “Shakedown Street,”...

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Jerry Garcia Tone from Mutron Filter. Thread starter doghouseman; Start date Dec 23, 2012; doghouseman Senior Member. Messages 3,046. Dec 23, 2012 #1 Trying to get that Jerry Garcia tone from a good envelop filter. I bought a Mad Professor Envelop Filter and it sounds great, but it is very sensitive to dynamics. In other words, if I change

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Garcia mostly took a supporting role to the horn line and John Kahn (long time bass pal of Jerry''s, uh, I mean, Garcia) slams. Their cover of the Bobby Caldwell tune "What You Won''t Do For Love (LOVE)" hits it. Oh, but there''s no Mutron III... Jul 21, 2004 #19.

Dead Gear Epic Dimensions

In the 80''s he changed the Mutron Octave Divider out for a Boss OC2 octave divider. He ran his without the stabilizer and without the ring modulator on. The gain /distortion sound went to a Boss HM2, thats right Heavy Metal 2. He also added a BOSS OS2 Overdrive/Distortion PEDAL and a Overdrive pedal, OD1 both these pedals are yellow.


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And the legacy of MuTron''s highquality effects has lasted decades; the famous MuTron BiPhase appears heavily on Smashing Pumpkins'' Siamese Dream, and the MuTron III envelope filter is an essential for tons of funk musicians to this day, making appearances on records by artists ranging from Jerry Garcia to Stevie Wonder. There are many

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