ceragem master v3

ceragem master v3


The Ceragem V3 features a slidein bed that ensures minimum space usage. ※ CERAGEM Master V3 is designed by Tangerine, a worldrenowned design consulting firm that has helped British Airways, Toyota, P&G, and Samsung to be at the forefront of design innovation. Far

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Ceragem Master V3 is a thermal device that provides intensive heat and pressure stimulation to the spine and gives a personalised thermal massage experience. for 40 minutes a day. It works like a charm for: As every individual has distinctive height, the length of their spine likewise varies.

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The CERAGEM Master V3 Automatic Thermal Massage Bed is a FDA approved medical device that provides a fully customized massage by initially scanning the length and curvature of your unique spine in order to target specific acupressure points along your back.


脊椎自動整体マシンのセラゼムマスターV3 (CERAGEM MASTER V3)では翡翠(ヒスイ)の中にヒーターを内蔵することにより、岩盤浴でも知られている遠赤外線効果と指圧とお灸が同時にできる様に

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L’unico Massaggiatore Termico Automatico che effettua la scansione automatica della tua colonna vertebrale. Il lettino Ceragem Master V3 esegue massaggi termici adatti a diverse patologie, unendo la più avanzata tecnologia con le antiche tradizioni mediche orientali: quali la chiropratica, la digitopressione, la moxaterapia e la termoterapia.

Ceragem Master V3 Ceragem

Непосредственное участие в разработке инновационного дизайна аппарата Ceragem Master V3 принимала международная консалтинговая компания Tangerine (Великобритания), которая также разрабатывала дизайн для продукции таких компаний, как

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