motivator ice fishing jigger unit

motivator ice fishing jigger unit

SmartJIG automatic jigging equipment for your ice

Keep your line jigging all night. with the SmartJig Rattle Reel. Get yours hands on this model while you still can. Shop now. New. $ 45.00. Brand New. Smartjig 2.0. With a redesigned body and multiple power supply options the SmartJig 2.0 is the best all in one automatic jigging device on the market.

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Finicky Fish Factory are the ones that Fish House Supply has, these units are built to last. I have 2 in my fish house and they work awesome! Bought it at the ice fishing show but haven''t seen it there for a while so I thought they went away. Glad to see they are still making them. Finicky Fish Factory “Motivator” Auto Jigger is an

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This was an exciting challenge. The fabrication of a portable battery operated ice rod holder jigger took some time but the result was very satisfying. This automated jigger was designed with a unique slow rise step up and dropaction.. Our automated jigger outfished us consistently. Encouraged by this success, a number of Auto StepJig units was produced and sold to friends and acquaintances.

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The jigger may be operated by a remote control unit, using power from an automobile battery. The jigger may also include a hook setting feature which is an electrical bypass of the motor speed control to produce a fast upwards movement of the rod holder to set a hook when a nibble or bite is detected.

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Ice Fishing Style If you jig with an ice rod and reel when ice fishing Finicky''s Fish Factory is your Fishing Buddy fishing your other allowable ice hole(s), while you jig the primary hole. Remember most states and Canada allow 23 ice holes and lines per angler.

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Well, it''s not made from a windshield washer motor but this is a very nifty automated jigger. The Finicky''s Fish factory is an automated all weather jigging heated tipup box. Finicky''s also have a wall mount unit the Motivator, it can be mounted anywhere like on a pail or in the shack.. Finicky''s Fish factory


Remote Alert System. Never miss a fish bite again with the GillOTine Remote. 1 Remote will control up to 6 GillOTine units. Price: $125.00. GillOTine Main Unit. SOLD OUT. PLEASE CONTACT US AT: rutfinoutdoors@gmail or MSG us on FB. Leave us your contact info and what product you would like.

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Product Description. * Catch Cover''s Safety Cover Helps to keep valuables such as cell phones, keys, and pets from falling in an open fishing hole. * The Safety Cover rests inside the Catch Cover hole cover with or without Sleeves by adjusting screws. * The injectionmolded vented design helps the airflow so the hole doesn''t freeze up!!

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