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Gradicus is primarily a grading, planning, and reporting system for schools, made simple. Centrally managed, it takes much of the work off of the teachers, allowing them to focus more on what is important, teaching the children. Planning The teacher''s planning module consolidates all planning into one location, accessible from anywhere.

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Grading, Report Cards and Subject Planning Made Simple.

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Gradicus is another communication tool that MCA uses to keep families informed and involved. This is in alignment with our ParentSchool Partnership. Gradicus communicates the

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Gradicus Grading, Report Card, and Planning System. Set or Reset Password : School Application. Welcome to the Livingston Classical Academy enrollment application system. Login at the top right, or to start your application, create a login ID by entering your email address. About

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Gradicus Grading, Report Card, and Planning System. You may have already used the onetime password reset link. To reset your password again, start a new password

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Mark currently serves as CEO of Granicus, the leading provider of cloudbased government software solutions. Prior to Granicus and since 2010, Mark served as Chief Strategy and Development Officer as well as President, Technology Services, for Altisource, a public real estate and mortgage technology and services company.

Demeritus: Student Discipline System

Demeritus Features. manage and track student behavior. create your own standards (or use ours) automatic email notifications to parents. enter student demerits as they happen or at the end of the day. automatically generate detention lists. track student disciplinary history. easy to use. Set Password

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