wizard101 enchant spells

wizard101 enchant spells

wizard101 sun spells Guide ( full list ) W101 Folio

5,217 2 minutes read Wizard101 sun spells are one of the most important spells in the game, sun spells are all about enchantments, there are 25 sun spells in the game they all are trainable with training points from various trainers in the spiral, here is the sun spells full guide. Sun spells wizard101 Sun school trainers in Celestia

Enchanted Spell Cards, Wizard101 Free Online Games

first, the reason i think wizard101 banned the enchanted cards trading is probably because there is a tree to each school were you can buy the recipes for the cards. However, when people started trading enchanted cards like crazy to others, wizard101 banned it. and so that''s the reason that i think wizard101 has banned enchanted cards trading.

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Mutate Blaze Beetle Treasure Card. Mutate Frost Cat Treasure Card. Mutate Ice Elf Treasure Card. Mutate Jolted Snowman Treasure Card. Mutate Lightning Elf Treasure Card. Mutate Magma Man Treasure Card. Mutate Rain Beetle Treasure Card. Mutate Storm Cat Treasure Card. S.

Wizard101 Spell Mutations Final Bastion

Wizard101 Spell Mutations Spell mutations are another part of Sun School. They work just like all the other enchantment cards (Epic, Extraordinary), except that they also change the school of a specific spell. Below is the complete list of all the trainable and treasure card mutations.

Azteca Sun Spells Overview Final Bastion

The world of Azteca brought with it lots of new magic to uncover. Amongst this magic, we have 3 very powerful Sun school enchantment spells – Sharpened Blade, Potent Trap and Primordial. What is so special about these spells How many blades and/or

How to Spend Your Training Points in Wizard101

Training Points are an aspect in Wizard101 that help you train spells outside of your primary school. These are obtained through leveling up and doing quests. Importantly, points are used differently in PvP than they would be in PvE. This guide will mainly focus on how to use them in PvE, but there will be a few recommendations for PvP must

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