star trek online renderscale

star trek online renderscale

/Renderscale 2, perm setting. — perfectworldstartrekonline

But in normal play, renderscale 2.0 will only lower your performance, it won''t cause things to look better, so there is little reason to make it a defaultable setting. The only use is really when it comes to making screenshots. because than the file will get saved at

A way to permanently increase renderscale FASA Star

Hi all (and hopefully Devs!) A wonderfully easy way of making STO look so much better is by increasing its renderscale through the chat box commands. /Renderscale 2, for example – forcing the game to render at twice your screen’s resolution. Is there a way to permanently alter a configuration file (say, the preferences file) []

Game visuals FOV, Thomas Marrone, 44th Fleet

/renderscale – multiplies the rendering resolution of your game by the number specified. So /renderscale 2 will render the game at twice its current resolution. When you take a screenshot, that screenshot will be saved at the renderscale you specify.

PSA: Fix your Graphics Settings — perfectworld

) Go to your "Star Trek Online\Live\Localdata" folder and open Gameprefs.Pref (edit: in Notepad) 2) Find the line "PrefEntry GfxSettings.DeviceType Direct3D9" 3) Delete Direct3D9, so the line now reads "PrefEntry GfxSettings.DeviceType" 4) Relaunch the game, see if it''s fixed.

Star Trek Online USS Vizier by foxman4 on DeviantArt

Star Trek by LemonPainter92. Scifi by Highrise76. You Might Like . . . Star Trek Online USS Vizier. By. foxman4. Watch. 15 Favourites. 2 Comments. 461 Views. I made this shot at renderscale 2 within the game, with a FOV of 20. This ship is beautifully designed, as you can tell in this shot. If the look of the ship is familiar, it is

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Renderscale 4. That setting has a neat little feature, it plays a jet turbine sound at full volume from the inside of your computers tower. We''re an online community with a passion for Star Trek. We''re a large collection of fans, all with the same vision as Gene Roddenberry, that together, anything is possible. All times are GMT. The time

List of console commands Official Star Trek Online Wiki

Does not apply to Star Trek Online Chat SetStatus: Set your status to away or back from away ContactDialogEnd: Stop talking to the current contact. Safe to use if there is no current contact. This should be called instead of "ContactDialogEndServer" so that the client can validate that the player is actually in a contact dialog.

Benchmark Results: Star Trek Online WallSized 3D

Benchmark Results: Star Trek Online. Epic space battles in wallsized 3D are so impressive that this is a crowdfavorite game to sit back and watch. The sense of scale is simply breathtaking with

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