krusty nicotine patches

krusty nicotine patches

Famous Krusty Lines... silverbox

Famous Krusty Lines... Okay, it''s time for a little of Krusty''s wisdom. Let''s get those quotes rolling in! (Krusty getting Sideshow Mel to help him apply nicotine patches) "I used to do a lot of tumbling in my act but I''m phasing it out for more dirty limericks. There once was a man named Enus..." (Krusty, explaining the format of his

The Simpsons Archive: Hepped Up on Goofballs

Krusty uses nicotine patches; (We see Krusty with 37 visible patches) Krusty: Hey Mel, bring me another nicotine patch. Uh, I think there''s some space on my butt. Bart shows Homer his cool pencil holder a bong {ms} Bart, Milhouse, and Barney go on a squishy binge. After Homer hallucinates: "I probably shouldn''t have eaten that packet of

The Front The Simpsons Archive

Krusty shows the kids his nicotine patch. Unable to stand it any longer, he licks the patch directly. Time for a cartoon. Bart! Our cartoon''s on TV! Lisa, ``The Front'''' Unfortunately, when Lisa clicks the remote to turn up the volume, she hits the channelchanger instead. By the time she corrects her error, the cartoon has nearly ended.

The Simpsons Archive: The Simpsons and Smoking

The Bong (I had to put this in ! sj) King Tobacco (on the Bouvier quilt) Pipe rack on coffee table Lionel Hutz''s Pen ("It looks just like a cigar") "Smoking really burns me up" sign in forest Aztec Indian smoking chocolate Greedy Pig Senators have cigars Bart''s Job ("Cutting cigars...a job") Krusty''s nicotine gum Cigarette machine in Moe''s

Must Have Nicotine TV Tropes

The Nutt House: Big Jake is quitting chewing tobacco and substituting sunflower seeds, but is having a nicotine fit. So he insists that Norman take up smoking for him. Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes is seen wearing not one, but three nicotine patches while trying to figure out a case and lamenting how impossible it is to maintain a smoking habit in

Krusty the Klown Quotes Page 2 TV Fanatic

(A local Krusty Burger is closed down.) Krusty: (Sobbing) I can''t believe the Labor Board is shutting me down. Labor Board Official: You lock your workers in at night! Krusty: It''s so they can''t

Top 10 Best Krusty the Clown Quotes

Top 10 Best Krusty the Clown Quotes. The arctic circle, or as I long to call it, my wife''s side of the bed. For the purposes of that joke I''m married. #9. Homer gave me a kidney, it wasn''t his, I didn''t need it and it came postage due, but still a lovely gesture. #8.

Krusty Posts, Facebook

Krusty. 5,196 likes. Clown Sasha Sasha or crust, television star of Jewish origin. He has his TV show, which entertains children with his assistant. Sasha is a typical TV star and all everywhere.

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