which vocaloid are you

which vocaloid are you

What Vocaloid Are You Personality Quiz

2 天前A fun personality quiz to find out what Vocaloid mascot you''re most like! No knowledge of vocaloid is required to take this quiz, any vocaloid specific questions come at the end can be skipped. This quiz is by no means "canon", the results are based on my own interpretation, the community''s use of the vocaloids, as well as common fan interpretations of the characters. There are too many

What Vocaloid Are You Playbuzz

You are spontaneous, funloving, and love the spot light. However, you can also be selfish and spoiled at times. You got Luka Megurine! You are calm, cool, laidback, and mature. Luka tends to sing about troubling pasts or over coming something, perhaps you

which vocaloid are you Personality Quiz

which vocaloid are you Quiz introduction hopping on this trend oh BOY i have Vocaloid brainrot,, this is for fun so don''t expect great questions i did my best but I''m not a quiz maker

Which Vocaloid are You gotoquiz

Which Vocaloid are You Vocaloids are loved all around the world. They really sparked across the nation when Hatsune Miku, the first character of the Character Voice () series hit release. Many other Vocaloids were created, and to this day, they still are. Even a fanmade system called UTAU was created!


witch vocaloid are you. find out witch vocaloid you are! you could be miku, rin, len, luka, mieko, kaito, or even gumi!!! facebook comments. show comments

Which Vocaloid are you gotoquiz

Vocaloid is a famous 2D band, which was created by companies . Vocaloid is very popular, had lots of fans all around the world. Vocaloid music is getting more and more popular now. Are you a Vocaloid fan Do you want to know which one you could take part in If you do, you

Which Vocaloid are you (5) Personality Quiz

Report Quiz. Which Vocaloid are you (5) Rin, Len, Gumi, Miku, Kaito, or Luka Hm.. Trying to decide Well, nevermind that! My quiz is here to save you! Lucy Heartfilia published on

Which Vocaloid Are You gotoquiz

Quiz topic: Which Vocaloid am I Trending Quizzes. What political ideology are you (UK) What ABO type are you Which dreamcatcher member do you resemble the most What stereotype are you Special Feature. Try the top political quiz on GoToQuiz to find where you fall on on multiple axes, then compare your results to others''.

Which Vocaloid Song Is Your Theme Song Playbuzz

You are a tsundere! You are harsh and violent on the outside but sweet and kind on the inside. You are like this to everyone, especially your boyfriend/crush. Even though you''re like this we can''t help but love you! Reverse Rainbow. Reverse Rainbow. To you there are only two emotions: happiness and sadness. Although you are mostly happy there

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