dicyclohexyl ether

dicyclohexyl ether

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Dicyclohexyl ether, CAS Number:

Dicyclohexyl ether. IUPAC Name: cyclohexyloxycyclohexane. CAS Number: . Chemical Formula: C 12 H 22 O. click here for details.

Conversion of cyclohexanol to dicyclohexyl ether catalyzed

The usual method of preparation of dicyclohexyl ether, a very high boiling liquid (B.P.=236) available so far is the hydrogenation of diphenyl ether [ 9,10 ]. Interaction of cyclohexanol in presence of ptoluenesulfonic acid at high temperature (170) also reportedly produced dicyclohexyl ether [ 11 ].

Bis(2dicyclohexylphosphinophenyl)ether, C36H52OP2

Dicyclohexyl [2 (2dicyclohexylphosphanylphenoxy)phenyl]phosphane Phosphine, (oxydi2,1phenylene)bis [dicyclohexyl BIS (2DICYCLOHEXYLPHOSPHINOPHENYL)ETHER, 98% ACMC20aimc

Conversion of cyclohexanol to dicyclohexyl ether catalyzed

Bentonite clays modified by exchanging Al 3+, Co 2+ and its Na + form were used in etherification of cyclohexanol to dicyclohexyl ether. Product yields obtained for metal cation exchanged clays followed the order Al 3+ > Co 2+ > Na +.Brnsted acidity of the solid catalysts is

Dicyclohexyl, SigmaAldrich

Dicyclohexyl sulfosuccinate sodium saltDicyclohexyl sulfosuccinate sodium salt. Synonyms: Sodium dicyclohexyl sulfosuccinate, Dicyclohexyl sodium sulfosuccinate. CAS Number: . Molecular Weight: 384.42. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): C16H25NaO7S.

1,3Dicyclohexylurea, C13H24N2O PubChem

Urea, N,N''dicyclohexylMore... Molecular Weight: 224.34. Dates: Modify . . Create . . 1,3dicyclohexylurea is a member of ureas. ChEBI. Contents. 1 Structures Expand this section. 2 Names and Identifiers Expand this section. 3 Chemical and Physical Properties Expand this section.

Dicyclohexano18crown6, C20H36O6 PubChem

Dicyclohexano18crown6 ether 2,3,11,12Dicyclohexano1,4,710,13,16hexaoxacyclooctadecane 2,5,8,15,18,21Hexaoxatricyclo (,14)hexacosane Dibenzo (b,k) (1,4,7,10,13,16)hexaoxacyclooctadecin, eicosahydro

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