seiko lord marvel

seiko lord marvel


Lord Marvel is actually the older of the two, and older than Grand Seiko, with the first Lord Marvel movement/watch being produced in 1958 by Suwa Seikosha (two years before the first GS). The Lord Marvel was a successor to the Marvel (1956) and was Seiko’s flagship watch when it was released. It was not only the first true luxury watch for

Seiko Lord Marvel: HiBeat Cool Grail Watch

Today’s “ Watch A Day ” is a “ HiBeat ” Seiko Lord Marvel, with a 10 Hz escapement, wonderful textured dial, and retro domed crystal. It’s an occasional wearer for mine, but I love that fast ticking sound! My Lord Marvel , model , features a handwinding “HiBeat” movement and was made in April 1970

Seiko Lord Marvel from June 1964: A detuned

Prior to the introduction of the first Grand Seiko in 1960, the pinnacle of the Seiko product tree was occupied by the Lord Marvel, introduced in 1958 as a luxurious refinement of the Marvel series introduced two years earlier. Adapted from the 1960 Japanese market Seiko catalogue. Original scan credit to Anthony Cable of Plus9time

First Generation Lord Marvel a primer

The Lord Marvel (LM) introduced in 1958, was Seiko’s first high end luxury watch model. The first generation LM’s (1958~1964) are extremely popular here in Japan, with many seasoned collectors favoring it over the Grand Seiko First. Produced by the Suwa factory in Nagano, Japan, there were no compromises made during the production process and one can tell the difference in quality

Vintage Watch, Seiko Lord Marvel (by 1968)–

The technological breakthrough of calibre 5740 fitted in Lord Marvel earns Seiko an important international reputation among watchmaking industries. The calibre not only brought the brand closer to the international stage, it also lays the foundation of the

1965 Seiko Lord Marvel (Hand Wind)

The story of the Lord Marvel is an important piece of Seiko history. At one time, a flagship of the brand, the Lord Marvel was a playground for technical prowess on the part of designers at Seiko. Produced alongside the elegant and deeply refined Crown line, it was these two models that would eventu

SEIKO セイコー LORD MARVEL ロードマーベル 5740

SEIKO セイコー LORD MARVEL ロードマーベル メンズ 手巻き 腕時計 本体のみ 370 日本雅虎代拍,365天24小时自动出价,支持预约出价等功能,无论金额大小免代拍手续费,支持合箱发货,简单易用,老牌物流转运公司,运费

Origin of the Species: a Seiko Marvel from 1956

The Seiko Epson Global site describes the Seiko Marvel as “an originallydesigned mechanical watch that became the basis for Epson’s watch business”. That being the case, it is probably safe to regard the Marvel as the original modern Seiko wristwatch.

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