lungfish rebreather cost

lungfish rebreather cost

Rec CCR Training, Professional Underwater Rebreather

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices don''t include Student Kit (€50/student kit or €65 for PADI Rebreather Student Kit) and Certification Fee (€35/certification). * Price of the Discover Rebreather will be deducted from a susbsequent Rebreather Course ** Course with personal rebreather unit No units available locally.

Kmeans: optimization objective(最小化cost function来求

类似于linear regression,Kmeans算法也optimization objective或者是试图使cost function求最小值。 了解Kmeans算法的optimization objective有助于我们 (1) 调试算法时,看算法是否运正确(在本节中可以看到) (2) 使算法找到更好的cluster,避免局部最优解(在下节中会讲)

spend和cost有什么区别 百度知道

关于cost和spend的区别 1)spend的主语必须是“人”,宾语可以是钱,精力,时间等,其后用on (for)+名词或用in (可省略)+动名词形式,不接不定式。. 如: He spent a lot of money for his new car. 他花了很多钱买了这辆新车。. He spends much money on books. 他平时将很多钱用在买书上

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