mk12 pubg

mk12 pubg

Mk12 Gun In PUBG Mobile: Reasons To Choose This New

Everyone knows that Mk12 and P90 are the two latest arrivals in this game. Mk12 is also one of two exclusive guns on this special map. Therefore, you can only use it when playing PUBG Mobile in the Beta version of Livik. When a weapon or vehicle is designed exclusively for one map or one game more, it means this gun fit that map the most.

MK12 Gun In PUBG Mobile Review: Stats, Damages And

MK12 gun in PUBG Mobile guideline While MK12 is flexible when it comes to engaging your enemies, it gives off the best performance in medium and longdistance fights thanks to its accuracy, minimum bullet drop and recoil. Do not hesitate to pick up MK12 if you find it especially when you only have a closequarters star like P90 or UZI.

All Information about MK12 of Livik map in PUBG mobile

MK12 is also one of two exclusive PUBG Mobile Weaponson this snow land map. That means you can only find this gun in Livik’s Beta version. Before MK12 and P90, the PUBG game also had some exclusive weapons on individual maps. For example, we have QBU and QBZ on the Sanhok map.

MK12 In PUBG VS MK12 In BGMI: Same Name But

Mk12 is a DMR in PUBG games. It was first introduced in PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now, it has come to PUBG PC. However, Mk12 in BGMI and Mk12 in PUBG PC only have the same name but different statistics.


吃鸡:体验全新山谷地图,MK12和大脚车上线,升级枪可能被删!. 大家好,我是阿瑶,每天为你发布游戏领域最新情报。. 在体验服开测的第一天,光子就上线了山谷地图。. 可是随后就进了删除,再也没有出现。. 在9月4日的更新中,山谷地图正式上线,还

【绝地求生手游】PUBG Mobile新地图利维科独家武器P90

Mk12是 射手步枪类别的枪支。 它使用5.56弹药,并有一个用于 射手步枪的大弹匣。

PC パッチノート #12.2 PUBG ASIA

Mk12は、Taego限定の新型で力強い5.56mm口径のDMRで、ノーマルおよびカスタムマッチで、ワールドアイテムとしてマップにスポーンします。 Mk12には、標準でバイポッドが搭載されており、プレイヤーが伏せた状態になると自動的にバイポッドが適用されます。


以8x8地图起家的PUBG在时隔约3年之后再推出的8x8新地图 – 泰戈!增加了丰富的地形和村庄等要素,更有全新武器K2、Mk12和载具波尼库佩上线。值得一提的是复活赛、自救型除颤器等新功能,给玩家们的游戏过程与最后战局带来更加新鲜的体验!

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