karmadharaya samasa

karmadharaya samasa

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karmadhAraya samAsa () There are two terms, of which the final term is the Head, and both terms share the same Case (samAnAdhikaraNNa: governed in common). The first term bears an appositional or adjectival relation that qualifies the second term in some sense.

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The samAsas are also sometimes classified into 4 types according to the weightage of its constituents. 4. The samAsas having preponderance of (and) is called dvandva. samAsa showing ‘that and this’ is karmadhAraya.

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Karmadharaya samasa (Adjective + Noun) 3. Bahuvrihi samasa (Prominence to external word) 4. Kriya samasa (Noun + verb) 5. Amshi samasa (Indeclinable + Noun) 6. Dwigusamasa (Number + Noun). 7. Dwandwa samasa (Both words important) 8.

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