fred villari kempo

fred villari kempo

History of Shaolin Kempo Karate Villari''s Martial Arts

Shaolin Kempo Karate was founded by Great Grandmaster Frederick J. Villari. In the last four decades, his fighting system has become widely recognized and respected. His art traces its origin back over a thousand years to the Shaolin Temple of China. Many of the

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However, with 10,000 Black Belts & 15 million students after its conception, Villari’s Martial Arts Studios are now a far cry from the days when Fred Villari taught two students at seven in the morning in Waltham, Massachusetts. The names Villari and Shaolin Kempo Karate are synonymous with East Coast Kempo.

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Shaolin Kempo Grandmaster Fred Villari. BLOCKING SYSTEMS. Training to transform an incoming strike to an opponent''s vulnerability. KEMPO TECHNIQUES. Effective moves to quickly subdue an attacker. GRAPPLING. Use the ground to control an attacker. FORMS. Move with power and balance while building your body''s fighting vocabulary.

Dan Ranking System Villari''s Martial Arts Centers

The higher the Dan rank, the more leadership ability, teaching experience and service to the style play a role in promotion. As the founder and creator of the Venerable Art of Shaolin Kempo Karate, Great Grandmaster Villari (Jugodan) has created his Shaolin Kempo Karate Dan System. 1st Dan – Shodan 2nd Dan – Nidan

The Kempo Timeline, kempoinfo

Walter Godin establishes ‘Godin’s Chinese Kempo’ in the Palamas settlement. 47 Fred Villari (age 25) receives his black belt from Nick Cerio. Nick Cerio is awarded his Sandan in American Kenpo from the AKA/IKKA. 1971 – Fred Villari (age 27) goes on his own to start a school in Dedham, MA. 48

Fred Villaris Studios of Self Defense

Fred Villari''s Studios. Support@fredvillarisstudios. This site is dedicated to Mr. Fred Villari and Fred Villari''s Studios.

The Black Belt Forms, kempoinfo

Nick Cerio did a version of Honsuki, and Fred Villari learned it from Frank Cerio. The version done in Shaolin Kempo is reminiscent but not extremely close to the form Honsuki in the Goshinjutsu Chinese Kempo of Bill Chun Jr.

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