reasons why trokosi system should be abolished

reasons why trokosi system should be abolished

Abolished by LawflMaintained in Practice: The Trokosi

Trokosi is a belief “that things do not happen without a cause” and evolved from the same belief structure as voodoo. Trokosi “is a system in which a young girl, usually under the age of 10, is made a slave to a fetish shrine for offenses allegedly committed by a member of the girl’s family,” like stealing or improper sexual relations.

Trokosi The Practice of Sexual Slavery in Ghana

prohibit Trokosi. This note concludes by evaluating the Trokosi practice by balancing the costs and benefits of the practice and concludes that Trokosi is a harmful cultural and religious practice that should be eliminated. 2 Additionally, this note (1) recommends that Ghana''s president sign the

Trokosi Conservapedia

Opponents of the practice of trokosi state that they see two main reasons why the law is not enforced. One is the government''s reluctance to interfere with the customs of the people. Trokosi is a cultural practice, and as opponents see it, a cultural injustice.

The subject of trokosi (also sometimes called fiashidi or

means of atonement for an allegedly heinous crime committed by a member of the girl''s family. In exceptional cases, when a girl of suitable age or status is unavailable, a boy can be offered. The girl, who is known as a Trokosior a Fiashidi, then becomes the property of the shrine god and the charge of the shrine priest for

Some culture practices should be abolished

Some culture practices should be abolished. Accra, Oct. 27, GNA Mr. Alex Sefar Twefour, Director, Centre for National Culture (CNC) on Saturday called for the abolition of some cultural

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