louise sollowin

louise sollowin

Murder charge filed after 93yearold rape victim dies

Louise Sollowin died Wednesday, three days after the attack in her home, Omaha police said. An officer sent to the south Omaha house Sollowin

Imagine the Suffering of Her Family'': GOP Rep. Speaks Out

In July, 93yearold native Nebraskan Louise Sollowin was brutally murdered in the home she lived in for more than 70 years. She was beaten and raped, allegedly by a 19yearold illegal immigrant from Mexico. Louise Sollowin (Credit: KETVTV) Sergio MartinezPerez, who is charged with her murder, was expected to begin his pretrial proceedings on F

Family of Slain Omaha 93 YearOld Says Border

Ninetythree yearold Louise Sollowin passed away in July 2013 after she was beaten and raped by an illegal alien four days earlier. Sergio MartinezPerez was found naked and passed out on top of Sollowin. The family of Louise Sollowin says US border enforcement could have saved her life. Omaha reported: A relative of an elderly

Raped and Beaten 93YearOld Woman Dies After Man

A 93yearold woman was raped and beaten to death, and a 19yearold man—who may be an illegal alien—was charged with her murder after being found naked, passed out, and lying on top of the bloodcovered victim, Omaha police say. Douglas County prosecutors charged Sergio MartinezPerez with firstdegree murder Thursday after Louise Sollowin died of

Citizens ask for tougher enforcement of immigration laws

Louise Sollowin, 93, was raped and brutally beaten in her South Omaha home July 21. She died in the hospital four days later. Sergio MartinezPerez, a Sonora, Mexico, native who is in the country illegally, has been charged in Sollowin''s death.

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