german shepherd whippet mix

german shepherd whippet mix

The Whippet German Shepherd Mix... or German Whippets

Of all the Whippet mixes the German Whippet is one of the largest. It may have a height ranging from 20″ to 24″ (51cm to 61cm) and a weight between 35lbs to 80lbs (15.8kg to 36kg). Consequently, a Whippet German Shepherd mix will likely be a medium to large dog. Whippets and German Shepherds are muscular dogs, but where the Whippet is lean

Whippet German Shepard Mix: A Quick Guide

No matter which one of the two dogs a Whippet German Shepherd mix may resemble, they usually exhibit traits of both. One unique thing about this breed of dog is that both Whippets and German Shepherds have curved backs, but the Whippet German Shepherd mix has a straight back.

For Love and Obedience Try a German Shepherd Whippet

In terms of height, a whippet mix will grow to around 20 or 25 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 20 and 95 pounds! Interestingly, both German Shepherds and Whippets have curved backs, but a whippet mix has a relatively straight back. This might make them appear slightly shorter than they would be if their backs were curved.

GermanWhippetMix, Anything German Shepherd

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44 Whippet Mix Breeds Types That Are Timeless for Pet

GermanWhippet hybrid can be a little stubborn but are quick learners. You’ll have fun enjoying playing soccer, tennis, and Frisbees with an energetic mix of Whippet and German Shepherd dog. Ideal weight for German Whippet is 45 lbs with lean muscles.

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