mum48 cancelled

mum48 cancelled

CGT48 journey similar to MUB48 journey, Fandom

SNH48 project, CGT48 has been cancelled. The shocking news from CGT48 or the extension of Chengtu48 which is a candidate for the new sister group SNH48 has been officially cancelled. This was stated after an insider uploaded a screenshot of Chengdu Siba''s company which is a subsidiary of STAR48. It is now known that STAR48 has carried out a

AKB48 New Sister Group: DEL48 48/46 JPOP & Showbiz

MUM48 changed into MUB48 That''s more acceptable. India has really big population, 2 groups at a time is fine but the management better be good at managing the girls especially since sexual harassment and rape are so common in India.

‘Pink’ Producer Rashmi Sharma Announces New Venture

A host of television industry actresses grace the launch event of producer Rashmi Sharma’s new venture called “MUM48” aimed at exploring talents for any girl between the ages of 12 to 20.

MNL48 Produce48 What''s the Deal With These 48

Produce 48 contestant Matsui Jurina is the recently crowned Senbatsu center for 2018. With all’s been said and done, no one is copying anyone. MNL48 and Produce 48 are part of a larger phenomenon. What is more exciting, though, is these girls’ journeys as a

Kuchyňské roboty MUM4 BOSCH

MUM48R1. MUM4 vyzkouené a osvědené klasika mezi kuchyňskmi roboty nabízí vyjímenou kvalitu BOSCH a irokou kálu písluenství. Barva: ervená. Vkonn 600 W motor Bosch: rychlé a kvalitní vsledky pi peení a vaení, snadno zpracuje i těká těsta. Velká, speciálně tvarovaná nerezová mísa

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