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cobius audit

Cobius Audit Manager MRO Corp

Cobius Audit Manager can securely share information with other systems and stakeholders. Our audit document delivery feature (including esMD) instantly transmits charts, discussions, and appeal filings to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial auditors, preventing file loss and delivery delay.

Cobius Healthcare Solutions, Payer Audits and Denials

Cobius’ webbased software enables healthcare organizations to recover more of their denied and audited claims, improve appeals, and satisfy payer audit requirements. Together, these solutions help ensure a streamlined approach throughout your organization that is often hard to achieve with conventional hospital billing tools.

Cobius Institutional Audit Manager MRO Corp

Cobius Institutional Audit Manager lets you rapidly identify atrisk accounts to conduct riskbased audits like payers and thirdparty auditors do. The system provides benchmarks – like PEPPER target areas – to show you when you fall above or below normative standards.

Cobius Healthcare Solutions, Institutional Audit Manager

Cobius Institutional Audit Manager helps you quickly identify and address critical risks – for billing, compliance, coding, revenue integrity, medical necessity, documentation, coding, and other matters — before payers or auditors discover them. It also allows you to

Cobius Physician Audit Manager MRO Corp

Manage all your physician audits in one system. Easily monitor and report on each audit. Quickly create and conduct audits for individual providers or specific groups, such as new hires, practices, or specialties. You can also audit specific topics, such as highrisk E&M codes or HCCs.

Cobius Healthcare Solutions, Home

Cobius Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of reimbursement and compliance risk management tools to hospitals and healthcare systems. COBIUS BY THE NUMBERS $200+ billion in denial recoveries 2+ million audits managed

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Cobius Healthcare Solutions Overview, Competitors, and

Cobius Healthcare Solution is a leader in healthcare information technology. For more than a decade, our industryleading software solutions have been solving complex challenges associated with compliance, revenue cycle, and health information management.


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