nagathali plant uses

nagathali plant uses

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Medicinal plants of genus Curculigo: traditional uses and

The medicinal plants of genus Curculigo have emerged as a good source of the traditional medicines. Some uses of these plants in the traditional medicines have been validated by pharmacological investigation. However, the mechanism of their actions should be further elucidated; the particular consti

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Disclaimer. This is a Member captured database.Information have been taken from various sources like Websites,Journals,Books and Practical Projects,from experts and even from farmers.

Medicinal Plants Pictures & details

Encyclopedia of Indian Medicinal Plants / Herbs mainly using in Ayurveda with pictures and details. You can see how Ayurveda maintains health.You can get all necessary information about this Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants including its Botanical names, morphology, classification , therapeutic uses, Names in different languages, synonyms, habitat , Chemical present in Medicinal plants , Systemic

Sanguinaria canadensis: Traditional Medicine

Sanguinaria canadensis, also known as bloodroot, is a traditional medicine used by Native Americans to treat a diverse range of clinical conditions. The plants rhizome contains several alkaloids that individually target multiple molecular processes. These bioactive compounds, mechanistically correla

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Air plant, Good luck leaf, Hawaiian Air Plant, Life plant, Miracle leaf Bryophyllum serratum Herb

Māori Plant Use Database

Māori Plant Use Easy access to detailed information on Māori traditional uses of New Zealand native plants Landcare Research provides a database of sourced information on Maori uses of New Zealand native plants.


A list of most useful indian medicinal plants in Ayurveda. This gives idea about medicinal herbs. it describes action ,uses, pictures medicinal plants

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