punya dhanam meaning

punya dhanam meaning

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Known as the punya dhanam, this ceremony is conducted by a priest who chants prayers and sprinkles holy water in the house.11

Mahodhaya Maha Punniya Kalam – MUSTREAD – Sage of

Out of those, ‘Arthodhaya Punniya Kaalam’ and ‘Mahodhaya Punniya Kaalam’ is a very rare happening and come once every several decades. ‘Mahodhaya Maha Punniya Kalam’ is a very rare happening and is considered an extremely auspicious day. It occurs this coming 25th Thai Amavasya, Manmadha Varusham (Feb. 8, 2016).

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By Adi Sankara Bagawat Pada Translated by P. R. Ramachander. Adi Sankara has written this octet in praise of his guru, Govinda Pada and in general in praise of all teachers. He emphasizes that without deep devotion to the spiritual teacher, all our attainments are without any meaning. Sareeram suroopam sada roga muktham, Yasas charu chitram dhanam Meru thulyam, Manaschenna lagnan


CULTURE AND CUSTOMS. "Hinduism is the oldest of all living religions, perhaps as old as the world itself. It has been termed as the mother of all religions. It is also known by the names SanatanaDharma and VaidikaDharma. [SanatanaDharma .means eternal religion.

Kanya Meaning of Kanya Name, Girl Kanya Origin and

Kanya is a Girl name, meaning Daughter in hindu origin. Find the complete details of Kanya name on BabyNamesCube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning,

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means可以作为动词和名词。mean可以作为动词、名词、形容词。meaning主要是以形容词形式和名词形式的用法居多。2、例句 ①、means The move is a means to fight crime 采取这项举措是为了打击犯罪。He did not have the means to compensate her. 他没有

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