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Null FollowUp Fire Emblem Wiki

Null FollowUp (Japanese: 見切り追撃効果 Abandon Followup Effect) is a threetiered passive type B skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes; the individual tiers of the skill are known as Null FollowUp 1, Null FollowUp 2, and Null FollowUp 3 in order from lowest to highest.

Null FollowUp 3, Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki GamePress

Null FollowUp 3. SP: 240. Slot: B. Neutralizes effects that guarantee foe''s followup attacks and effects that prevent unit''s followup attacks during combat.

Null FollowUp, Fire Emblem Wiki, Fandom

Null FollowUp is a type B passive skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes. It disables skills that enforce followup attacks against the user (Ex. Bold Fighter), and disables skills that prevent followup attacks from the user (Ex. Wary Fighter). It can be learned without inheriting by: Corrin (Dream Prince), Alm (SaintKing), Mareeta, Hilda.

Null Followup: IS [NOT] DISTINCT FROM Datavail

Null Followup: IS [NOT] DISTINCT FROM. The IS [NOT] DISTINCT FROM is a SQL predicate operator introduced to db2 for z/OS in Version 8. But it has not received a lot of fanfare and many are unaware of its existence. It is quite convenient to use in situations where you are looking to compare to columns that could contain NULL.

Null FollowUp 3 Interactions, Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki

Brave weapons (unit attacks twice) are not considered follow up attacks, so null follow up does not stop it. Follow ups are only tied to speed and certain skills (fighter, qr, etc) with comparatively fewer weapons granting them, while the "brave" effect is the opposite with mostly weapons granting them and iirc only one skill (double lion) granting the "brave" effect.

Null Object pattern follow up Scott Dorman

Null Object pattern follow up. ; 2 minutes to read edit; My earlier post on the Null Object pattern led to a few critiques about the fact that I was presenting an extension method to do what is essentially a very simple logical test, and, as a result, doesn’t provide much value.

Null C Disrupt or Null follow up FEH Q&A GamePress

I would assume Null Follow Up would be better because of the number of forced doubles (Quick Riposte, Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter, etc). Just make sure to buff his speed a bit. Cutiepie67 March 25, 2019, 6:53pm #3. Depends what you’re using him for. If hes supposed to be a tank for Aether Raids, I would go with Null C Disrupt.

Does Null Follow Up cancel out an enemy''s Null Follow Up

Null Follow Up''s description says it "neutralizes... effects that prevent unit''s followup attacks during combat.". Just wondered if you could always guarantee a double if you had it in your B slot...

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