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Nareepol 界 植物界 门 种子植物门 纲 双子叶植物纲 分布区域 泰国 基本概述 它的神奇之处就是结出的果实就像是裸体女子的雕刻艺术品,据说这种"女人树"在距离曼谷500公里的


This is amazing tree named “Nareepol” in Thai. Naree means “girl/woman” and pol means plant/tree or “buah” in Malay. It means women tree. It is amazing what God create the World in many forms that amused human beings. You can see the real tree at Petchaboon province about almost 500 kms away from Bangkok.

Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not Facts Analysis Hoax

Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not Analysis: These pictures of woman shaped fruits of Nareepol tree was circulating since 2008 through emails, blogs, forums and other social networking sites. The photographs show a tree called Nareepol with fruits in the shape of perfect women figures.

Nareepol Tree: Real or Fake wafflesatnoon

Photographs have been circulating for years of an alleged Nareepol Tree, a tree which supposedly produces a womanshaped fruit. Is this tree real or fake Sponsored Links It is Fake. The Nareepol Tree is purportedly a tree whose fruit resembles an intricately detailed woman. Not surprisingly, the Nareepol Tree is certainly a hoax. Claims about []

The sacred fruits Makaliporn Nareepol, buddhasmagic

The sacred fruits Makaliporn Nareepol. To know more about this click here. EXCEPTIONAL: Old wooden Makaliporn statue. 225,00€. Couple of sacred fruits Makaliporn / Nareepol 65,00€. Couple of sacred fruits Makaliporn / Nareephon 89,99€. Makaliporn fruit couple Nareephon in

The Narilatha Flower, Snopes

Viral images purporting to show examples of a "Narilatha Flower" or "Nareepol Tree" with blossoms in the shape of a woman''s body were staged.

Nareepol Tree作者:Chusak Srikwan(泰国)

艺术家Chusak Srikwan(泰国)Chusak Srikwan的作品Nareepol Tree,艺术家Chusak Srikwan(泰国)Chusak Srikwan的作品大全 本店所有商品均为实物拍摄,不同显示器有色差 属于正常现象,如果您收到商品发现有些色差问

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