eodiseo meaning korean

eodiseo meaning korean

What does (eodi) mean in Korean

eotteon jeomeseo at some point, where, wherein, in a sense

Eodiseo oppa in English with contextual examples

Contextual translation of "eodiseo oppa" into English. Human translations with examples: opa, oppa, waeyo, oppang, ne oppa, eodiseo, kai oppa, oppa nim, love you.


WHERE (eodiro) (eodiseo) If you want to visit Korea, you have to at least know this word. So, if you do not know the place that you are going to in Korea, this word will help you out or at least that is what I know. In Korean language though, the word “where” can be a tricky one, especially if you are a beginner.


Korean: recall; the faculty of memory . (colloquial) Neo jeone bon geo gateunde Eodiseo bwatdeon geo kkajin gieok an nanda. I reckon I''ve seen you before. I just can''t remember where. 2010, Serving a Father by Bringing LongLost Koreans Home, MARTIN FACKLER, New York Times

What does (eonje) mean in Korean

What does (eonje) mean in Korean . English Translation. when. More meanings for (eonje) when adverb. , , , , . Find more words!

Vocabulary in Korean for travel Loecsen

Why and how to learn Korean vocabulary with audio The enthusiasm for Korea is growing throughout the world. First driven by the musical culture of "Kpop", the attraction for the country then developed thanks to video games, beauty products, and finally thanks to the country as a whole.

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