poe eye of innocence

poe eye of innocence

无罪之眼 流亡编年史, Path of Exile Wiki

Eye of Innocence Reference poe.ninja, Community Wiki Release Version 2.4.0 BaseType 黄晶护身符 Limit 「凤凰守卫」限定掉落 +(16–24) 力量和敏捷 +(16–24) 力量和敏捷 Group HybridStat Domains 物品 (1) GenerationType 传奇 (3) Req. level 20 (Effective: 16

Eye of Innocence PoEDB, Path of Exile Wiki

Eye of Innocence. Citrine Amulet. Amulets Requires Level 68 + (16–24) to Strength and Dexterity 10% chance to Ignite. (Ignite deals Fire Damage over time, based on the base Fire Damage of the Skill, for 4 seconds) (50–70)% increased Damage while Ignited. Take 100 Fire Damage when you Ignite an Enemy. 2% of Fire Damage Leeched as Life while

Witch [3.8]Explosion Ma''am|CWDTEye of Innocence

Unlike most builds that run Eye of Innocence, we are not using gangs momentum. Because of this, our chance to ignite is a bit low. Fix this with Jewels. Aim for jewels with 5% chance to ignite, and high life. Watcher''s Eye: The mods you should look for are 1) (1520)% of Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds when Hit while affected by Clarity

Eye of Innocence PoE Build, Block & Price Citrine Amulet

Eye of Innocence is a unique Citrine Amulet. Requires Level 68. Popularity: 0.1%. Eye of Innocence Build Stats Name Eye of Innocence Total stats BaseStats +(1624) to Strength +(1624) to Dexterity Defense 2% of Fire Damage Leeched as Life while Ignited Ignite 10% chance to Ignite (5070)% increased Damage while Ignited Take 100 Fire Damage when you Ignite an Enemy

流亡黯道 (Path of Exile) 透視鏡|物品|無罪之眼|Eye of

47 and no eye met His. So He called down the cleansing flames and let black smoke sweep the

Marauder [3.10] Spinning Eye of Innocence CWC/CWDT

This is a cheap spinning cast when damage taken / cast when channeling build I achieved Lvl 96 in Delirium league with. Through the unique item eye of innocence, every time we ignite an enemy we take 120 fire damage – triggering our cast when damage taken setups that leave lingering blades on the ground that are exploded for extra damage by cyclone + cast when channeling + bladeblast.

Eye of Innocence(Expedition) For Sale Cheap Raiditem

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Martyr of Innocence Official Path of Exile Wiki

Martyr of Innocence Highborn Staff Staff Quality: +20% Physical Damage: 57.6174 Elemental Damage: () to () Critical Strike Chance: 6.50% Attacks per Second: 1.15 Weapon Range: 13 Requires Level 52, 89 Str, 89 Int +18% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff Grants Level 15 Vengeance Skill +(1216)% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff

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