bhungroo water management system

bhungroo water management system

Bhungroo: A Unique Water Harvesting Technology to Help

Bhungroo helps farmers in such rainscarce and salinityprone areas. The system consists of a pipe erected in such a way that excess water passes through it, gets filtered and accumulates in an underground well. Later, farmers use a motor to pump the water up and use it for irrigation.

Bhungroo Project: Water management solutions to

ConservationAlliance(CA).2016. Bhungroo Project: Water Management Solutions to support diversified cropping systems for men and women in Northern Ghana.Accra,Ghana:Conservation Alliance International.2016May.

Bhungroo: Watering dreams and livelihoods, Impact

A technology that can help communities build resilience to climate change. Thistechnology, a watermanagement system called Bhungroo, is precisely what Naireeta Services Private Limited offers to communities in need in Asia and Africa, across various climactic zones.

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Rain Water Conservation project for drought affected areas in India Bhungroo, a Gujarati colloquial, means straw or hollow pipe. Bhungroo is a Rain Water Management System developed by Naireeta Services Pvt. Ltd. that injects and stores excessive rainwater underground in reservoirs and lifts it out for use during dry spells. India is a country

Agricultural Water Management

The Bhungroo Irrigation Technology (BIT) is a privatesector led smallholder irrigation system installed in Northern Ghana and championed by two private entities in Ghana, Conservation Alliance in association with International Water Management Institute (IWMI). The BIT was introduced in Ghana in 2015. Currently, three of the BIT


Bhungroo, a Gujarati colloquial, means straw or hollow pipe. Bhungroo is unique innovative and efficient rain water conservation technology, by use of pipes of ten to fifteen centimeters in diameter. The globally recognized disaster mitigation and irrigation guarantee technology filters, injects and stores excess farm water or storm water underground for uses in lean periods. Bhungroo delivers its services in waterlogged areas; drought affected areas as well as in areas affected by erratic rainfall. It also works in salt affected soils as well as seasonally eroded soil. The Bhungroo

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