colnago e64 battery

colnago e64 battery

My life with the Colnago E64 — c SAINT PIRAN

miles used 52% of the battery. 31 miles used 52% of the battery. So I guess my range is around 60 miles here and that would probably come down to 40 miles In Cornwall. I have asked Ricci to get me the range extender battery, which should give me easily 100 miles around here and 60 or so in Cornwall. So what''s my opinion of the Colnago E64

Colnago E64 ebike 2021 Bellati Sport

COLNAGO E64 PERFORMANCE, 11.5 kg The same design as the C64, Colnago E64 differs, in addition to its electric heart, with its new monocoque frame. Specifically designed for the EBIKEMOTION system, the E64 model is ready to meet the needs of every road rider, taking the limit to a new level.


Launched in 2019, the Colnago E64 was described by m as an intuitive bike to use and that, “unless you’re looking closely, it’s honestly hard to differentiate the E64 from a regular nonassisted bike”. The engine is located in the rear hub; the battery is cleverly tucked away in the down tube.

Colnago E64 an Eroad Bike Weighing Just 12kg — Gear &

Colnago’s new E64 ebike aims to bring the legacy of the brand to the modern world of pedalassisted bikes. The E64 is built around an Ebikemotion motor, which can deliver up to 250 watts of assistance. This is a hubbased system, which is connected to a battery that is stored in the down tube.

Colnago E64 Customer Rave Review! calbike

Colnago E64 Customer Rave Review! November 13, 2019 admin . left us at 59% battery (using a combo of L1 and L2). So I think we are looking at a 50 mile range in Level 2 with a ride profile like Gillman. L3, Turbo, appears to be quite power hungry and limiting. The range extender will put us in the 100 mile range area like we have with the

Colnago E64 Performance Top Vélo Essai

Le premier Colnago électrique Oui, l’E64 est le tout premier Colnago à assistance électrique. Un vélo qui s’adressera avant tout aux passionnés de la marque au trèfle, désireux de s’offrir un vélo électrique de grande classe. Car de classe, l’E64 n’en manque pas.

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