ford instaclear windshield

ford instaclear windshield

InstaClear windshield, Radar Detector & Countermeasure

"Fords QuickClear and InstaClear heated windshields (now out of production) uses a very thin mesh of wires and a silver zinc oxide film inside their windshields, which will also reduce the performance of a radar detector." so its a small mesh of fine wires and a film basically rapid heats the window to melt ice.

Quickclear Ford Wiki

Quickclear is a European trademark used by the Ford Motor Company for its electrically heated windshield technology. Instaclear was the name used in the United States.

Glass Mounted 2 Meter Mobile Antenna

Instaclear is a Ford option that permits rapid clearing of ice and snow from a car''s windshield. Instaclear glass has a conductive powder added to the lay ers of windshield glass. Although Instaclear IS not designed as a tinting element, under cer tain lighting conditions and viewing angles it can

Athermic Windshields and their affect on RD (and even

Lincoln Town Car (optional InstaClear windscreen look for a bronze tint) Ford Crown Victoria, "First Generation" () optional Mercury Grand Marquis Mercury Sable (optional InstaClear windscreen look for a bronze tint) ** ONe way to tell is to put on a pair of Polarized sunglasses and you''ll see the coating on the windshield **

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Ford in the US used to offer the "InstaClear" windshield as an option on the 1st generation Taurus, and still does in Europe, or at least they used to. I know the Mondeos I rented in Europe (where it is called "QuickClear") in the early 2000''s had them.

Electric Front windshield defroster Ford Focus Electric

Back in 2006 on the Explorer and now again in the new Transit Connect, Ford offered a electric windshield defroster. I think this would be huge for the FFE, it would require us to turn on the whole climate control system just to clear our windshield.

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