what is hogging thread in weblogic

what is hogging thread in weblogic

What are threads in WebLogic AskingLot

A hogging thread is a thread which is taking more than usual time to complete the request and can be declared as Stuck . How Weblogic determine a thread to declare as hogging A thread declared as Stuck if it runs over 600 secs (default configuration which you can increase or decrease from admin console).

What Is the Meaning of "Hogging Thread Count"

What Is the Meaning of "Hogging Thread Count" (Doc ID .1) Last updated on SEPTEMBER 22, 2020. Applies to: Oracle WebLogic Server Version 9.2 and later Information in this document applies to any platform. Goal. What is the meaning of "Hogging Thread Count" in the WebLogic Server admin console when monitoring threads Solution

java In WebLogic JMX: What is the status of threads that

In WebLogic 11g the possible status of a thread is: Standby (i.e. in a pool where threads non currently needed are put by WebLogic) Idle (ready to take a new request) Active (a request is executing) Hogging (request is taking too much time to execute) Stuck (the

Servers: Monitoring: Threads Oracle

17 The common thread pool changes its size automatically to maximize throughput. The queue

WebLogic thread – STUCK, ACTIVE, STANDBY – Fast thread

Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and several other technologies internally uses WebLogic application server. In a WebLogic server, all incoming requests are handled by execute threads in the thread pool. Based on the activity of these threads, WebLogic server classifies each thread in the thread pool. WebLogic server does this activity classification, which is

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As work enters an instance of WebLogic Server, it is placed in an execute queue. This work is then assigned to a thread that does the work on it. Threads consume resources, so handle this attribute with care—you can degrade performance by increasing the value unnecessarily.

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