dsus2 ukulele

dsus2 ukulele

MY FRIENDS CHORDS (ver 2) by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Tabbed by Sam Douglas Dsus2 xx0230 Dsus2/F xx3230 G C x Gsus F6/9 C(add9) x D xx0232 Asus2 x F6 xx0211 E G6 F#7(add4) xx4300 F Bsus x


Dsus2 A E Bm7 Dsus2 A E Bm7 I''ll take you down the only road I''ve ever been down Dsus2 A E Bm7 Dsus2 A E Bm7 Dsus2 A You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet yeah [Chorus] E Bm7 Dsus2 A You know I can change I can change I can change I can change E Bm7 Dsus2 A But I''m here in my mould I am here in my mould.

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G Dsus2/F# Em Dsus2 Cadd9 Seor hoy te entregamos nuestro corazón G/B Am7 D Como una ofrenda de amor. G Dsus2/F# Em Dsus2 Cadd9 Seor hemos venido a ministrarte G/B Am7 D A adorarte. G Dsus2/F# Em Dsus2 Cadd9 Seor reconocemos que no hay nadie como tú G/B Am7 D Y

C Ukulele Chord

The easiest ukulele chord that shows every beginner how accessible and beautiful the instrument really is! You simply take the top portion of your ring finger and place it right before the third fret on the A string. Make sure to use enough of your finger to press the string down, but without touching the E

DIOS DE PACTOS: Acordes y Letra para Guitarra, Ukulele

Letras, Acordes y Tabs para Guitarra, Bajo y Ukulele. Letra y Acordes. Asus2: Dsus2: VISITAD Asus2 Dsus2 Dios de pactos que guardas tus promesas Dmaj7 Bm7 Que cumples tu palabra E6sus4 E Que guias mi desti no

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J’ai vaguement l’impression que le Am 2000 varie sur un 2200 (qui, après recherche, serait un Dsus2, rien que a!) et que le E 4442 devient 4242 (que nous aurons bien sr tous reconnu comme étant un G#m5!) (je précise que je comprends même pas ce que j’écris^^, je me suis contenté d’identifier ces hypothétiques accords avec le

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Ukulele Songs List. Opening and/or downloading these song sheets uses bandwidth, which I have to pay for, so if you are using more than half a dozen or so of the sheets, and if you have a few dollars to spare, you may like to donate a little bit to help with the site costs (but please don''t feel obligated in any way, the songs are here for you to enjoy).

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