sony c800g tube replacement

sony c800g tube replacement

Sony C800G Tube Microphone, FrontEndAudio

Sony C800G Tube Microphone The Sony C800G Tube Microphone is back and better than ever! Now released as the C800GPAC1, this is the newest evolution of the long loved and respected C800 series microphone. The PAC includes the C800G Microphone and Power Supply, all in one box ready for your recording projects.

20'' HD7 Silver Replacement Cable for Sony C800g

Made in the USA, the Accusound Silver HD7 is a premium tube microphone cable created for the highly acclaimed Sony C 800g valve microphone. It is designed to achieve the perfect transmission of audio signals for critical studio and broadcast applications requiring absolute sonic precision. The cable features a 7conductor double shielded helix SPC design for low noise floor, maximum RFI and

Sony C800G DualPattern LDC Tube Microphone #

The Sony C800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone is designed for the highest possible sound reproduction quality. The C800G features a highquality dual large diaphragm for true reproduction of vocal qualities, vacuum tube warm sound quality through a 6AU6 vacuum tube, a unique Peltierbased cooling system to achieve optimum tube operating

Sony C800G Pac Recording Microphone Vintage King

The Sony C800G PAC is one of those mics that reminds you why you got into this business. It has a downright magical quality to that makes any instrument instantly come to life. This large dualdiaphragm condenser microphone uses a handselected 6AU6 vacuum tube, custom cooling system and external power supply to deliver the highest possible sound quality.

Amazon: Sony C800G LargeDiaphragm Condenser

Neumann U67 Collector S Edition LargeDiaphragm Condenser Microphone. $7,225.00. $7,225.00. Neumann U 87 Ai Switchable Studio Microphone Nickel Color. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 19. $3,250.00. $3,250.00. Neumann Microphone Set, Includes U 87 AI MT Microphone, EA 87 MT Elastic Suspension, WS 87 Windscreen, IC 3/25 Cable, Wooden Case, Black.

sony c800g vs u87

You can''t go wrong with the inner tube U87 insert. I just saw this Max u67 mod. TLM 102 is a largediaphragm cardioid mic. It is a dynamic mic that is highly durable and can withstand damage preventing any aftereffects. And I''m just not interested in a JJ Audio Akita lol no shade.. just not interested. It can work with everything, not so the Sony.

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