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pyfin. Basic options pricing in Python “Oh cool. Probably a little easier than spinning up the QuantLib stack.” — Wes McKinney, creator of Pandas. Features. Option valuation w/ BlackScholes, lattice (binomial tree), and Monte Carlo simulation models.

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pyfin. Financial toolkit for quantitative investments of China stock. 用于量化投资和金融市场分析的常用工具库。当前版本:Version 1.0a (2016/12)

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Python Basic Data Structure Set. This is an introduction about python data type, set. (code is written in python 2.7)

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Pyfin calculates the taxes and income from different South African savings vehicles, and also determines the optimal contributions to these vehicles for an individual, to maximise postretirement income after tax. Read more master. Switch branch/tag. Find file Select Archive Format. Download source code.

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pyfin python 中的基本选项定价 "cool ,可能比向上旋转QuantLib堆栈要简单得多。 ,的创始人 McKinney。特性 Option/黑 Scholes。lattice ( 二叉树) 和蒙特卡罗仿真模型的期权评估。基本希腊计算( delta θ rho伽玛伽玛) 在每个估值模型。

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Hi, welcome to my blog!! I am a working professional with a mixed background. Sometimes I feel like I am more like an explorer who is willing to push the boundary and develop new stuff. I have a Master of Science in Finance degree, and I am a Certified FRM (Financial Risk Manager). I spearheaded to building quantitative models for monitoring

每一个宽客都应该收藏的量化“利器” 知乎

pyfin 介绍:针对于中国市场的Pandas定量投资金融工具包 vollib 介绍:Vollib是用于计算期权价格、隐含波动率的纪念日工具包。能够非常快速和准确的技术来获得期权的隐含波动率。QuantPy 介绍:python量化金融框架。


pyfin 介绍:针对于中国市场的Pandas 定量投资金融工具包 vollib 介绍:Vollib是用于计算期权价格、隐含波动率的纪念日工具包。能够非常快速和准确的技术来获得期权的隐含波动率


pyfin 期权定价 vollib 计算期权价格,隐含波动率和希腊值 QuantPy 定量金融分析 FinancePython 定量金融分析 ffn 拓展Pandas,提供一系列函数进基础的量化分析 pynance 获取股票和衍生品市场的数据,分析和可视化

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