telnyashka meaning

telnyashka meaning

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A telnyashka (Russian тельняшка) is a dark color and white striped, sleeveless or not, undershirt, which is an iconic uniform of the Russian Navy, the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) and the Russian Naval Infantry (marines), initially by Soviet predecessors of these troops. It has been a symbol of great military pride for those who wear it gradually becoming a broader symbol of

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telnyashka (plural telnyashki or telnyashkas) A white undershirt with horizontal stripes, sometimes sleeveless, worn as part of a Russian military uniform.

The Russian Navy Shirt (Telnyashka) – The Breton Shirt

The shirt is a comfortable square cut, with a finely hemmed round neck and subtle long sleeves. The shirt is striped with different colours meaning something different. For instance, the blue stripes mean the Navy, while the black ones mean Naval Infantry. The light blue stripes signify VDV troops and so on.

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Telnyashka is Russian striped shirt usually dark blue or black color with white stripes, long sleeve or tank top undershirt, which is an exemplary military uniform of the Russian army, Navy, Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) and Russian Naval Infantry (marines), initially by Soviet predecessors of these troops.Also known as Breton shirt.This sailor shirt has been a symbol of great military pride

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Telnyashka is a part of uniform of Russian (in past Soviet) Navy and some other military troops. Regular marine telnyashka has white and dark blue stripes about 1 cm high. Telnyashka literally means "body shirt" and indeed this is very comfortable cloth, it can be longsleeves and without sleeves.

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