centrelink hold music mozart

centrelink hold music mozart

Hold on: The best and worst music while you wait

Classical tracks by Mozart and Vivaldi have graced the Centrelink phone lines for years, but have not appeared to appease impatient callers. Very modern and very classic tracks are largely unsuccessful as hold music, says Ms Crosby, who described Centrelink''s music as "ghastly". "You''re going to annoy a lot of people that call in.

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I haven’t telephoned Centrelink in over three years, but I still have a conditioned reaction of immediate panic whenever I hear the Centrelink hold music. The number of hours I spent listening to the cheery Mozart string arrangement over tinny mobile phone speakers doesn’t bear thinking about; it must be in the hundreds. Every minute of those endless hours was torturous,

Stuck On Hold: how government muzak really works

Stuck On Hold: how government muzak really works. 27 October, 2014. Little did Fryderyk Chopin suspect when he wrote Waltz #3 in A Minor in 1845 that some poor Centrelink client would hear the whole damn thing 15 times over before managing to speak to a real live human being. On hold music is a staple of practically any 21st Century telephonic

Centrelink Gives Into Public Demand And Changes Their Hold

Music pundits speculate the choice to switch to Dune Rats was a cathartic one for not just payment recipients but the Centrelink staff who now have call waiting music that tells those on hold ‘everything they say is bullshit’ and ‘they’ll never like them because they’re insane.’

Petition Change Centrelink''s phoneline hold music to

As of March 2017 the average call wait times for Centrelink stands at 14 minutes and 10 seconds. The wait time for many crucial services far exceeds this average: Family and Parents line: 24 Minutes Participation Solution: 35 Minutes Youth Allowance: 25 Minutes While this infuriates many Australians'' who require help from the Department of Human services, the real frustration comes

The Aussie songs that should replace the Centrelink hold music

The best songs that should replace the Centrelink hold music. Years ago, Brisbane band Dick Nasty proclaimed ‘I’m More Australian Than A Book Full Of Bush Poetry By Russell Crowe’, but in recent months we’ve discovered what is quite possibly the most Aussie thing ever, and that’s ‘Smoko’ by The Chats.

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