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Whedon even threw in a scene of a skinhead in a "MAGAHORDE" shirt harassing a Muslim woman. A world without Superman or hope = literally Drumpf''s America, geddit View attachment View attachment Yet that pitiful sop was not enough to overcome his underlying RACISM AND MISOGYNY.



"Terrifying" Footage of HALLOWEEN Shown At Comic

"Terrifying" Footage of HALLOWEEN Shown Way Back At ComicCon... But Not Online Pure Speculation by Diehard Dustin Lee October 16th, 2018. Word on the street (Elm Street > 21 Jump Street) is that an extremely frightening fragment of the upcoming HALLOWEEN film was shown privately to the ungrateful sheeple a general audience attending the Universal Pictures Panel at this year''s San Diego

Zack Snyder''s Justice League: DC Comics and DCEU Easter

Zack Snyder''s Justice League is a veritable love letter to DC Comics mythology and sheds new light on the history of the wider DCEU. Here are all the Easter eggs and references we could find...

Liga de la Justicia: Guía de referencia y huevos de Pascua

Magahorde. Saca tus propias conclusiones. – Sin embargo, no sé qué sociedad secreta de DC que quiere llevar a la humanidad “de vuelta a la edad oscura” se supone que debe estar. Si alguien tiene alguna sugerencia, déjela en los comentarios o contácteme en Twitter, por favor!

The Snyderdome: It is hard to sell a toy if Batman is also

Some stuff it clearly from reshoots though, like the skinhead in the MagaHorde shirt, which only makes sense if it was filmed after Trump had been elected, rather than during principal photography which ended before the Republican primaries were even over. # Feb 2, 2021 17:06 Profile; Post History; Rap Sheet

The Bourgeoisie & Proletariat Divide – The Tired Rhetoric

The Democrats use the mainstream media, all of which is controlled by 6 companies now, to saturate the internet with propaganda. So when people go to “fact check”, they are inundated with content (website after website) that follows “a narrative”, or a theme.

Happy 15th Anniversary Leavenworth St.

Dear Diary, On the 15th Anniversary of Leavenworth St,, polls find that a majority of Americans say the sitting Republican president, Donald Trump, should be removed from office before January 20 because of his role in inciting a mob of his supporters, right


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