yoongi mad

yoongi mad

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yoongi raged, clenching his fists as he just sighed, calling for a taxi as he left taehyung and jeongguk to stand dumbfounded on the streets. 6. "well. Shit." jeongguk muttered under his breath. "well c''mon then, we better get going" he said right after, looking at a surprised taehyung who walked obediently after jeongguk with wide eyes. 1.


Holiii! Me llamo Sandra :D No tengo mucha idea de juegos pero voy a comenzar a aprender a jugar al LOL. El propósito del canal para mí es crear una comunidad de gente genial con la que compartir y hablar de todo! Así que, bienvenido/a y espero que lo pases bien por aquí !!

My Demon Babysitter 22~ Mad King''s War Wattpad

"Yoongi hyung is the second oldest of Bangtan if you didn''t know, and he was living in the dumpsters during the majority of his youth in the war." I glanced at the purplehaired demon. "The dumpsters were dirty and dangerous place, but at least it was away from the actual battles of the Mad King''s War," Yoongi explained briefly.

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Airport Min Yoongi by xXItzCheryyXx. 402K 14.9K 32. "I''m going to ask you one question which will explain why you don''t know who I am." Confused, I shrug. "Alright." He takes a deep breath in, and pe... Completed. bangtansonyeondan. minyoongi.

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Min Yoongi SUGA BTS. 149,296 likes 369 talking about this. Fanpage of Min Yoongi (SUGA) from the band BTS *°* Many Suga pictures :3

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