itachi mbti

itachi mbti

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MBTI Personality Types of Naruto Characters, FanVerse

Uchiha Itachi INFJ Introverted Itachi was someone who kept to himself, who usually spoke only when he had something important to say. We hardly ever see him talk in Akatsuki meetings and even during his youth he wasn''t the loudmouthed type. iNtuitive One of Itachi''s key philosophies was that of things not always being what they seem.

Itachi Uchiha: INTJ – The Book Addict''s Guide to MBTI:

Inferior Se: Itachi was a skilled fighter and could compete with the very best of ninjas, including a Dominant Se Kisame. He is shown to have very high skill with various weapons. Although not very often shown (I am not very certain), Itachi was fond of cooking.

The MBTI types of Sasuke & Itachi Uchiha, Personality Cafe

The MBTI types of Sasuke & Itachi Uchiha. Tags naruto. Jump to Latest Follow Itachi saw that eliminating his clan was the best thing to do and that would avoid a new shinobi world war. If it was a INTJ IMO, he would probably stay with his clan and try to take konoha, even thought he would know that this would trigger a war.

Practical Typing, Naruto Series: Itachi Uchiha (INFJ)

Itachi’s personality type is a very obviously that of an Ni dominant. From a young age, he ponders the meaning of life, death, a shinobi and a village. He doesn’t seek out other people to answer these questions, but dwells on them, trying to work out his own interpretation. His fighting style focuses heavily on deception.

Naruto MBTI (character Analysis): PsychReel

The MBTI is one of the popular personality classification systems in use today. It was devised by Isabel Briggs Myers, and Katharine Briggs. It classifies people into 16 personality types based on how they normally engage with and perceive their worlds.

Naruto Itachi Personality Artes Mundi

Itachi uchiha is the elder brother of sasuke uchiha and one of the most beloved characters in the entire naruto series. 10 naruto characters who deserve to wield one for all. Itachi s personality type is a very obviously that of an ni dominant.

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