dave stieb slider

dave stieb slider

Who Had The Better Slider: Dave Stieb or Steve Carlton

Dave Stieb, a righthanded pitcher, is best known as being the ace of the Toronto Blue Jays pitching staff (and arguably the best pitcher of the 1980s). He had one of the best sliders from the right side: YouTube. I always thought that Kenny Powers was based on a hybrid of Rod Beck, Mitch Williams and John Rocker.

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Just because: GIF of Dave Stieb''s slider Feast your eyes upon Dave Stieb''s classic slidepiece. By Dayn Perry. Nov 8, 2012 at

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Dave Stieb. Dave Stieb is seen by many as the best pitcher in baseball throughout much of the 1980’s. Jays fans certainly know Stieb as the first real star and the cornerstone of a new franchise around whom the 1992 World Championship team was built. Despite his many successes, the Jays’ starting pitcher with the killer slider is underrated

September 2, 1990: Dave Stieb pitches first nohitter in

After showing Maldonado mostly sliders, Stieb threw a neckhigh fastball on 22 and got him to swing through it. The sizeable proToronto sections of the crowd that had travelled across the border to support the Blue Jays during Labor Day weekend exploded in cheers of relief and anticipation.

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One contemporary account blamed Stieb’s poor performance on some lingering elbow issues, which had caused him to move away from his trademark slider. 9 Whatever the problem, Stieb did improve in the second half of the year, but finished just 712, with a 4.74 ERA. The Jays also struggled, finishing fourth in the AL East.

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David Andrew Stieb, SP, , 1998. Notable Accomplishments: AllStar 1980, 1981, , 1988, 1990. Dave Stieb was born on July 22,

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