honinbo shusaku game records

honinbo shusaku game records

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Shusaku. Shusaku was the strongest go player of his time. He won each of the 19 Castle Games he played. Shusaku used various names. He was born as Kuwahara Torajiro (), used Yasuda Eisai , Yasuda Shusaku (after reaching 2d), Kuwahara Shusaku 1848, Honinbo Shusaku . He died .

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Murase Shuho (6d) Honinbo Shusaku (7d) . B+R. Hayashi Monnyu (7d) Honinbo Shusaku (7d) . W+14.00.

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Once you chose one, get several game records from that particular player and study those games. When I was an insei in Japan, I studied mostly the games of Takemiya Sensei that''s what my teacher recommended, in order to understand the use of influence. Other commonly recommended professional players are Honinbo Shusaku, Go Seigen, Takagawa, Otake.

Thoughts on Honinbo Shusaku Life In 19x19

Honinbo Shusaku I''m reading and playing through ''Invincible: The Games of Honinbo Shusaku'' right now, and it''s probably the most enjoyable Go book I''ve ever laid hands on. Of course, that''s a personal opinion. For me it''s so because it''s a mixture of Go history and amazing game records.

Honinbo Shusaku''s 185th Birthday Google Search

Honinbo Shusaku''s 185th Birthday of the ancient Chinese board game Go. Shusaku rose to prominence during Go’s golden age in the 19th century and is known for his perfection of the Shusaku

SGF records of Japanese professional go games

SGF records of Japanese professional go games Download Full archive with games in SGF format, provided both as .tar.gz archive (27 MB) and as .7z archive (17 MB). Players AlphaGo archive Cho Chikun archive Go Seigen archive Honinbo Dosaku archive Honinbo Jowa archive Honinbo Shusai Honinbo Shusaku archive Takagawa The Hoensha Tournaments

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