amphiprion latezonatus for sale

amphiprion latezonatus for sale

Amphiprion latezonatus De Jong Marinelife

Amphiprion latezonatus, commonly known as Wideband anemonefish, is a mediumsized anemonefish from the Saddleback complex. In our opinion this is one of the best looking anemonefish there is. They''ve wide white bands, deep black inbetween and a yellow dorsal fin, which sometimes even goes on on their back. Some individuals also have yellow in their pectoral fins. Sometimes this fish is also

Wide Band Clownfish Amphiprion latezonatus For Sale

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ORA CaptiveBred McCullochi Clownfish: Saltwater

The ORA CaptiveBred McCullochi Clownfish is one of the hardesttofind fish in the aquarium industry. This is because the McCullochi Clownfish are native to Lord Howe Island located off the coast of Australia in a region closed to fishing. The CaptiveBred McCullochi Clownfish has a unique background that is dear to our hearts at LiveAquaria.

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