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The Black Ajah first revealed itself two thousand years ago during the Trolloc Wars when armies of Trollocs commanded by Dreadlords came out of the Blight and ransacked the land. Though not all the Dreadlords were female, it is considered that the majority of the female Dreadlords were Black Ajah (TWoRJTWoT).

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The Black Ajah are a faction from the book series The Wheel of Time. They are a hidden sect of Aes Sedai in the White Tower of Tar Valon dedicated to serving the Dark One.

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Atuan Larisett: (Yellow Ajah) has been exposed by Talene as Black Ajah. She is one who teaches in the White Tower. She is not bonded. She is a striking Taraboner with dark hair in thin, brightly beaded braids that hang to her waist.

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The Black Ajah is the term generally used for those Aes Sedai who are Darkfriends. Their existence is often denied by the White Tower, but they do exist. It is not a true Ajah, and Black Ajah sisters also belong to another of the White Tower ''s Ajahs. It is

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NS,Ch18 Siuantells Moirainethat the Black Ajah killed all five of Tamra''s searchers and possibly her, too. NS,Ch21 Moirainewonders which of the sisters at The Gates of Heavenmight be Black Ajah. NS,Ch23 Moiraineand Siuanthink there must be a connection between the unexplained deaths and the Black Ajah.

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The Black Ajah is an unofficial and secret Ajah, comprised of Darkfriend sisters who hide in other Ajahs.

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The Black Ajah Hunters were a group of independent Sitters of five Ajahs in the Hall of the Tower under Elaida a''Roihan during the White Tower Schism. They came together more by happenstance than by actual teamwork, partially due to the animosity between the Ajahs, but teamed up in a joint effort to hunt down the Black Ajah.

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In 969 NE Alviarin passed her test for the shawl, chose the White Ajah, and swore the Three Oaths. Soon afterwards she forswore her oaths in a secret Black Ajah ceremony and swore new oaths to the cabal. She was raised to the Head of the Black Ajah by Ishamael upon his punishment of Jarna Malari and interrogation of the Council of Thirteen.

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Anaiya had been murdered by Aran''gar the night Rebel Hall voted to make an alliance with the Black Tower. The other two were traitors to the cause of the Rebels. Beonin, Elaida''s planted spy, defected to the White Tower.

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